Beetlejuice – The Musical at Bass Concert Hall

Beetlejuice Musical at Bass Concert HallBrace yourselves because your favorite ghoul is coming to town! We won’t say his name just yet, but you probably already know who it is… This Broadway musical comedy is ready to haunt houses all over North America, including a stop right in Austin, Texas! Say his name three times and he just might appear right now…

Beetlejuice… Beetlejuice… Be… at the Bass Concert Hall! Beetlejuice – The Musical will hold a series of performances at the Bass Concert Hall from the 6th to the 11th of February, 2024. Don’t miss out on this “screamingly good” musical as said by Variety! Based on the smash 1988 Tim Burton film, you’re sure to have a greatly nostalgic time at this show. It’s a feast for the eyes, ears, and your inner angsty gothic teenager. Grab your tickets to see Beetlejuice in Austin, Texas today! Tickets are on sale right here and if you want to get your hands on them, you gotta book them quickly. Hurry before they sell out!

Beetlejuice – The Musical Tickets

“A jaw-dropping funhouse!” – The New York Times

“A feast for the eyes and soul!” – Entertainment Weekly

“Screamingly good fun!” – Variety

Beetlejuice Musical tickets

Deviating from the plot of the 1988 film, this Broadway musical centers around Lydia Deetz. This gal breaks the mold of your typical All-American teenage girl. She confidently follows her unique path, finding joy in writing poetry, exploring photography, and delving into the realms of the paranormal and supernatural. Unfortunately, her weirdness leads to misunderstandings with her father and stepmother.

A significant shift occurs in Lydia’s isolated life when she relocates to a new home haunted by the recently deceased couple, Barbara and Adam Maitland, along with the lively demon Beetlejuice. With the Maitlands’ assistance, Lydia embarks on a mission to thwart Beetlejuice’s audacious plans to return to life. This journey becomes a transformative coming-of-age experience for Lydia, where she not only thwarts Beetlejuice’s nefarious schemes but also discovers her own strength and resilience along the way. 

So, prepare yourselves for an crazt afterlife experience as Beetlejuice welcomes you to enter a realm where the supernatural and the comedy collide. Inspired by Tim Burton’s classic film, Beetlejuice transports the mayhem and crazy of the film to the stage, showcasing incredible transformations, haunting apparitions, and larger-than-life sandworms. Regardless of whether you’re a long-time fan of the movie, or a newbie to the Beetlejuice world, you better be ready for an unforgettable theatrical experience that’ll leave you screaming… with joy!

“Flies by with charm and visual delight, re-creating movie spectacle while adding its own tricks” – The Denver Post

“You can bet “Beetlejuice” the musical is as good as “Beetlejuice” the movie, if not better.” – The San Diego Tribune

“A ghoulishly good time!” – Stage Left

The musical is directed by Alex Timbers and has an original soundtrack by Tony nominee Eddie Perfect and a book by Tony nominees Scott Brown and Anthony King. Kris Kukul is in charge of music supervision, orchestrations, and incidental music, while Connor Gallagher is in charge of choreography.

Bass Concert Hall Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice – The Musical Team

Touring cast: Justin Collette as Beetlejuice; Isabella Esler as Lydia Deetz; Britney Coleman as Barbara Maitland; Will Burton as Adam Maitland; Kate Marilley as Delia; Abe Goldfarb as Ortho; Karmine Alers as Maxine Dean/Juno; Jesse Sharp as Charles; Danielle Marie Gonzalez as Miss Argentina; Karmine Alers as Maxie Dean; Jackera Davis as the Girl Scout. Joined by Michael Biren, Ryan Breslin, Juliane Godfrey, Morgan Harrison, Matthew Michael Janisse, Kenway Ho Wai K. Kua, Sean McManus, Lee N Price, Nevada Riley, Trevor Michael Schmidt, Lexie Dorsett Sharp, Graham Stevens and Corben Williams.

The creative team also includes scenic designer David Korins, costume designer William Ivey Long, lighting designer Kenneth Posner, sound designer Peter Hylenski, projection designer Peter Nigrini, puppet designer Michael Curry, special effects designer Jeremy Chernick, hair and wig designer Charles G. LaPointe, make-up designer Joe Dulude II, and physical movement coordinator Lorenzo Pisoni.

“A big, fantastical funhouse of Burtonesque magic!” – People Magazine

“Beetlejuice honors and expands on its source material, bringing richness to a beloved story about, well, death.” – The Denver Post

“And thus is conjured a very enjoyable, very self-aware, very slick, very tuneful, very constructed-to-please-the-crowds new Broadway musical.” – Entertainment Weekly

On March 28, 2019, Beetlejuice made its Broadway debut at the Winter Garden Theatre and finally opened its doors on April 25. There were a whopping eight Tony Award nominations for its first engagement and both critics and fans adored it. After the COVID-19 shutdown, the production made a comeback to Broadway, bringing with it the biggest sandworm ever seen on a Broadway stage and the Netherworld back with it. 

In a fan review, Tia from New Yorm wrote: “This show was hysterical, great music, amazing cast. Attended with my 12 and 18 y/o. We loved every second of it. It’s a show we would see definitely see again. Already looking forward to seeing the touring performance.” 

Beetlejuice austin texas

“Zany, wildly entertaining ‘Beetlejuice’ musical more than does justice to the original film!” – The San Diego Tribune

“A very enjoyable, very self-aware, very slick, very tuneful, very constructed-to-please-the-crowds new Broadway musical.” – Entertainment Weekly

“A whirlwind of constant action, laughs, and superb vocal performances.” – Maryland Theatre Guide

Come, join Lydia Deetz as she figures out how to navigate the world along with her ghoulish friends! Beetlejuice – The Musical will take you on a thrilling ride unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The show’s running at the Bass Concert Hall for only six days, with a total of eight performances, be sure to catch at least one of them! The show will run for two hours and thirty minutes, including one intermission. The show is recommended for ages 10 and above while children under the age of 4 will not be permitted to enter the theatre. 

Beetlejuice is calling out for you! See him earn his stripes in Austin, Texas very soon. If you don’t have tickets to the show yet, now is the time to get them. Go ahead and hit the GET TICKETS button to secure your spots at the show!