Wicked at Bass Concert Hall

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Bass Concert Hall | Austin, Texas


Since its 2004 Broadway debut, to its arrival in London and countries all over the world, WICKED has gathered an incredibly extensive list of awards and nominations. From industry wins that show its critical acclaim to accolades voted for by theatre-goers themselves, its prizes range from two Olivier Audience awards to nominations for its costume, set and lighting design – and that’s just for the London performance! Once you’ve heard the iconic songs and unforgettable voices of its talented cast, you’ll understand why. So why not come to the fantastic Bass Concert Hall in Austin and see this phenomenal Musical?

The good news are traveling quickly among the theatre fans from Austin and the surroundings, as the most illustrious venue in the area has announced its upcoming program. The enchanting musical Wicked will most certainly be among the brightest highlights of March, hitting the city to bring thrill and excitement to the patrons of all stripes on Thursday 21st March 2024. That’s not the only good news, though, as Bass Concert Hall will keep its tradition of securing a whole list of additional astounding perks. The lighting and acoustics are both designed with a meticulous attention to detail in order to create a unique ambiance in which you can just kick back, relax and immerse into the action on scene. There are also other nice-to-have conveniences such as parking lots near the entrance, so you don’t have to miss a second of the action. Tell your musical-minded friends or family to save the date and head down to Bass Concert Hall for a superb Thursday evening out!

Wicked at Bass Concert Hall

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