Frozen – The Musical at Bass Concert Hall

Frozen Musical at Bass Concert HallEnjoy a breathtaking journey into the icy land of Arrendale, where two princesses embark on a dangerous adventure! Frozen the Musical is a fantastic stage adaptation of the hit 2013 film, and it brings the world of Princess Elsa and Princess Anna to life! The highly popular film Frozen became a worldwide phenomenon and became one of the best-selling Disney epics! It was only a matter of time until Disney Theatrical Productions turned it into a groundbreaking musical! This 2024, Frozen the Musical will go on a nationwide tour, which includes a coveted stop in Austin, Texas! This summer, the outstanding production will light up the Bass Concert Hall at the University of Texas Performing Arts! From June 5th to June 16th, 2023, Frozen will deliver a total of 15 amazing performances! Theater lovers in Austin can look forward to the musical’s incredible visuals, as well as its fantastic soundscape! So hurry and secure tickets now to experience this outstanding musical right at the heart of Austin, Texas! Tickets are now available through the Get Tickets link! 

Frozen – The Musical Tickets:

“Broadway’s Frozen is a good show!” – The Guardian

“Brisk and entertaining!” – The Telegraph

“Doubters may just find their hearts thawed!” – Entertainment Weekly

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Princess Elsa is a wonderful big sister who loves to play with her little sister, Anna. She uses her magical icy powers to entertain Princess Anna – from making ice wonderlands to snowmen, ice skating platforms, and whatnot. But one day, Elsa accidentally hits Anna with her powers. Their parents, King Agnarr and Queen Idina, sought the help of the Hidden Folk led by Grand Pabbie. They healed Anna with their magic and also erased her memory of Elsa’s powers. After coming home from the Hidden Folk, Princess Elsa, who’s feeling guilty, stops using her powers and also avoids Anna at all costs. To make matters worse, their parents go on a harrowing journey to solve the mystery behind Elsa’s powers. But unfortunately, they died at sea. Anna grows up alone in the castle. Despite her pleas, Elsa still refused to play with Anna. Until one day, Elsa was to be crowned Queen of Arrendale, thereby opening up the castle to the townsfolk for the first time in years. During coronation day, the excited Princess Anna meets a prince named Hans, and they seemingly fall in love and decide to get married. Anna, seeing Elsa for the first time in years, sought the approval of her sisters. Elsa refused to give her blessing, which led to an argument. Out of anger, Anna accidentally exposes her icy powers and then runs away. Suppressing her powers all these years led to an eternal winter and it’s up to Anna to bring back her sister and reverse the spell.

Frozen the film was a worldwide box office hit, grossing over $1.2 billion. The film became a cultural phenomenon, expanding to merchandise, games, books, and more. As soon as the film ran its course, plans for Disney Theatrical Productions to mount a stage adaptation were laid out. Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger asked the question, “How do we take this and make a sophisticated, adult evening of theater out of it?” It took a while to have the production debut its first performance. Thomas Schumacher, president of Disney Theatrical Group, said, “It doesn’t need to be fast. It needs to be great.”

The musical’s plot is taken from the 2013 film. Meanwhile, the film drew inspiration from the Danish fairytale The Snow Queen. Although the plot has been patterned after the hit Disney film, the exploration of the sister’s psyche and relationship were reported by many viewers and critics to be somewhat closer to the fairytale. The stage adaptation features music and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, while the book was written by Jennifer Lee. Like the film Frozen, the musical focuses heavily on incredible visuals and soul-serenading music. Attendees can expect many of the iconic hits from the film, such as “Let It Go,” “Love is an Open Door,” “In the Summer,” and many more. 

In true Walt Disney fashion, the production of Frozen the Musical pulled out all the stops. The production brought in multi-award-winning director Michael Grandage and Tony Award-winning choreographer Rob Ashford. The impressive creative team also comprises puppeteer Michael Curry, whose groundbreaking work with The Lion King won him a Tony Award for Best Costume Design. Meanwhile, the production also acquired the talent of Tony Award-winning lighting designer Natasha Katz, who gave Frozen breathtaking visuals all throughout. Lastly, scenic and costume designer Christopher Oram ensured that audiences were given a wonderful visual presentation with his outstanding work. 

In 2017, the production had a trial run in Denver and finally opened on Broadway the following year. In 2019, the touring production kicked off its U.S. tour. Two years later, the musical had made its way to London’s West End. This 2024, the musical continues its highly-anticipated national tour, dropping by numerous major cities, including a coveted stop in Austin, Texas. Theater and Disney fanatics in Texas can look forward to an amazing run of shows. The musical is guaranteed to win the hearts and minds of its audiences thanks to a captivating storyline, a stellar cast, thrilling visuals, and an enchanting score. 

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The musical has been a hit with theater lovers and critics alike. In fact, the production has received numerous rave reviews from various publications. For instance, the Guardian lauded Frozen, the musical, for its breathtaking scenic design and in-depth view into the two sisters. “Beyond the visual thrills and powerful ballads, this adaptation brings an unexpected depth to the relationship between two tortured sisters.”

Since Frozen the Musical was created for Broadway, the story was tailored to be also enjoyed by adult audiences. TimeOut was also quick to point out that the musical leaned towards a more compelling storyline, “It’s a thoughtful, attractive, and human spin.” The writer also added,  “If the film is a preschool classic, the musical is maybe a couple of years more grown-up. But its most magical moments will wow every age group.” 

“(Director) Grandage is incredibly well-served by a cast of terrific actors and singers!” – The Stage

“There’s a special magic that only live theatre can produce, and it working a charm on the Broadway stage!” – NY1

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Theatergoers in Austin can look forward to a great experience as they catch Frozen the Musical at the Bass Concert Hall. The auditorium is currently the largest theater in the University of Austin Performing Arts Center. The top-tier venue, which opened in 1981, hosts some of the most exciting Broadway musicals to come to Austin, Texas. Guests can look forward to the theater’s fabulous ambiance, plush seating, top-notch light and sound technology, and excellent amenities. 

See Frozen the Musical this summer at the Bass Concert Hall from June 5th to June 16th, 2023! You can now buy your tickets through the Get Tickets link!