Double Dare – Live at Bass Concert Hall

Double Dare - Live Tickets

Bass Concert Hall | Austin, Texas

If there’s a better way to close out your Sunday night than seeing Double Dare – Live at Bass Concert Hall on Sunday 14th April 2019, then we don’t know it. This show often plays to a sold-out crowd and fans are already blowing up their Twitter feeds with all the reasons why. You can discover why by coming to Austin Texas to see Double Dare – Live for yourself. Already tickets are flying off the shelves and critics are calling this show the most unforgettable experience of 2019. So what are you waiting for? All you have to do is click that Buy Tickets button below, and you’re well on your way to enjoying the first 5-star act of April.

Double Dare - Live at Bass Concert Hall

Other Double Dare – Live events have proven to be an absolute sensation for theatre fans. Stimulating, spellbinding and hugely enjoyable – it has everything. The supreme theatre event this season that is enjoyable for co-workers, dearest friends, family – everyone! Bring them all with you! Austin has the privilege of presenting this outstanding theatre event this April with the Bass Concert Hall being given the honor of hosting, almost guaranteed due to it's necessary capacity and exciting atmosphere. Secure parking is easily accessible just a short walk from the main entrance. It is often advised to use public transport to miss out on probable parking delays. We know you are looking forward to this theatre show, so make use of the easy to use and secure ticket ordering system.

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