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Frozen - The Musical Tickets

Bass Concert Hall | Austin, Texas

Frozen - The Musical

Frozen - The Musical leaves you with a brisk, feel-good winter wonderland feeling no matter what season it is. Order your ticket now! The stunning story of two sisters and their journey to true love of who they are, as well as one another, is brought to you in a unique light: a live performance of some of the your favorite moments, painting a unique picture of Elsa, Anna, and the whole gang! “One of the BEST musicals of the decade”! With its famous music, its cheerful dance, its flurry of likable leads, and snowball after snowball of son and lumière, some of it newfangled, some of it stretching back to 19th-century melodrama, Frozen - The Musical brings most of the pleasures that we expect Broadway musicals to provide. Friday 7th June 2024 at Bass Concert Hall: save the date and book your tickets today!

The Musical Frozen is inspired by the 2013 hit film bearing the identical title. The musical's captivating melodies and lyrics come from Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, with Jennifer Lee adding the fascinating story. Fundamentally, the plot centers on the bond of a pair of royal sisters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa wields extraordinary powers to solidify objects and individuals, though she struggles to restrain them. After accidentally triggering an eternal winter upon her kingdom, Elsa flees and unintentionally puts her sister's life. To rescue the day, she must perform a sacrifice that proves her genuine love.

Frozen’s narrative is cherished by enthusiasts globally. It perfectly embodies the essence of love and family bonds. Showcasing a stellar soundtrack that appeals to both young ones and parents, Frozen has established itself as a fixture in households around the world. The first film brought to life the voices of inordinately talented performers, with Kristen Bell voicing Anna and Idina Menzel playing Elsa.

“Step aside, Frosty,” remarked Variety upon the introduction of the 2013 Disney animated movie. “A whimsical snowman with a longing to enjoy summer conveniently steals the spotlight in “Frozen,” Disney’s 53rd in-house animated production and one of its most timeless, with a lineage rooted in Hans Christian Andersen, a fully-fledged showtune score, and minimal traces of the ironic comedy that has characterizes the common language of today's cartoons. However, this always enjoyable tale of cryptic magic, imperiled princesses, and bold, resolute men of action focuses more on striking visuals than on truly engaging or memorable characters.”

Prepare to experience a enchanting adventure into a icy realm like previously unexplored as Frozen the Musical occupies the spotlight in Austin, Texas! This kid-friendly musical assures fun for kids and grown-ups alike, delivering a blend of joy for all generations. Adapted from a blockbuster film that continues to be applicable a decade after its debut, Frozen the Musical is bound to spread happiness! With themes of love, loss, and family bonds, the core message of the story will leave an impression on your hearts. Head on the Bass Concert Hall on Friday 7th June 2024 for this remarkable live production! Don't miss out on Frozen the Musical; reserve your tickets promptly by clicking ‘get tickets’ today before they're gone!

Frozen - The Musical at Bass Concert Hall

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